Research and EU Project Collaboration

Hawk is passionate about collaboration on an EU-level and has successfully worked on projects funded by the European Commission. Aside from providing OSINT gathering services, we actively engage with public, and private sector organisations to explore avenues for research collaboration in the following areas: intelligence analysis, reasoning in the intelligence cycle, OSINT gathering, decision making and analytics, and OSINT training.

Past Project Examples:

  1. VIRTUOSO (2010-2013) : Developed integrated IT middleware platform, which allows end-user organizations to tailor their IT system to their specific OSINT gathering needs.

  2. RECOBIA (2010 - 2015) : Techniques and tools to improve the quality of intelligence analysis by reducing the negative impact of cognitive biases upon intelligence analysis.

More about our work in OSINT can be found through the EUROSINT Forum, which is a not-for-profit association dedicated to the use of OSINT for defence and security needs.

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