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We are excited to introduce HawkAI, a new intelligence-led information collection and analysis platform that provides comprehensive coverage of the international defence and security market using social and open sources. HawkAI serves as an AI-driven system for market analysts who desire the best technology for monitoring the defence and security markets.

HawkAI processes intelligence alerts, receives AI recommendations and creates management reports. Information is gathered in a seamless UI, with advanced filtering and tagging options that eases your analysts’ jobs. It provides an unmatched market coverage service that enables businesses to map out their target industries, understand untapped market opportunities and track their competition. HawkAI also allows analysts and users to generate topic-specific reports in a matter of seconds for delivery to decision-makers. HawkAI is underpinned by machine learning, in order to filter out the ‘noise’ and distil only the most important and relevant data. 

  • Unmatched market coverage: never miss an opportunity. 

  • Maximise efficiency: reduce time wasted on irrelevant tasks. 

  • Creates an intelligence database: proprietary asset of tagged data.

  • Our service is fully customized to the end-user’s specific queries. 

  • Trusted by top vendors around the world.