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Hawk Associates

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We are excited to introduce HawkAI, an intelligence-led information collection and analysis platform that provides comprehensive coverage of the international defence and security market using social and open sources. HawkAI serves as an AI-driven system for market analysts who desire the best technology for monitoring the defence and security markets.

Intelligence and Analysis

Hawk Associates is a trusted provider of data, source material, research and analysis for the international aerospace, defence, military electronics, security and power industries. Employing an extensive network of associates and offices around the world to gather and collect reliable, multi-source, multi-language information.

OSINT Analytics and Training

Our trained analysts deliver Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) gathering and analysis services for public and private sector companies. We deliver customised actionable intelligence relevant to market research, security and political risk assessments, reputation risk management, and business development.

Research and EU Project Collaboration

Hawk is passionate about collaboration on an EU-level and has successfully worked on projects funded by the European Commission. Aside from providing OSINT gathering services, we actively engage with public, and private sector organisations to explore avenues for research collaboration in the following areas: intelligence analysis, reasoning in the intelligence cycle, OSINT gathering, decision making and analytics, and OSINT training.


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